Kabeer Vohra

I provide technical leadership and implementation services for your backend, infrastructure and data engineering projects. Having worked with large, medium and small organisations, I can tailor the services to your requirements.


My Latest Projects



A Linear regression model for detection of phishing pages.

Lyst data lake migration

Lyst data lake migration

A project transforming the data pipeline at a fashion scale up

This website

This website

How this website is provisioned and deployed on AWS

Tactic move to Kubernetes

Tactic move to Kubernetes

A complete shift in orchestration for a research based startup.



Creating data pipelines from various sources and loading into the database, warehouse solution of your choice.


Create scalable and maintainable infrastructure using IAC of your choice. Set up various orchestration systems such as Kubernetes or Fargate depending on your cost and scaling requirements.


Scope out and manage your large projects. Helping with management and hiring needed to develop these projects.


Build out your end to end backend services for effective applications.

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